Smith & Wesson .38 Chiefs Special Revolver - Model No.36

The S&W Model 36 is a very well built, reliable and fun revolver to shoot. I find it’s easy to wear and conceal. With my 3” inch barrel it’s extremely accurate with lead wadcutters and will easily produce 2” groups at 25 yards. The .38 caliber makes it an effortless gun to shoot and it’s simple for your second shots to be completed. The single action is much more accurate than the double due to less trigger pull. The double action does have a longer trigger pull for the first shot which takes a bit more practice to get proficient at. In consecutive shooting, when you continue to pull the trigger you only have to pull it about half as much, which is a well engineered feature of S&W used for consecutive shots. For best accuracy, I would recommend single action.


Its only drawback is that it’s a hard gun to get used to because of the frame size so it’s not made for everyone. But with custom grips, the gun can be more properly fit for larger hands. For cleaning make sure you do a good job on your cylinder and keep moving parts well oiled. Remember, your cylinder release button screw on the side of the revolver may become loose with time from shooting which is normal so keep the screw tight, but don’t reef on it. Also, your cylinder bullet extractor rod for your casings needs to stay tight as it can loosen up as well. Otherwise the gun is foolproof and maintenance free. Remember to keep your firearms well cleaned! Your hammer nose can wear with time depending on how often you shoot.


Caliber: .38 Special
Number of shots: 5
Barrel lengths: 2” or 3” (photo 3”)
Overall length: 7 5/8”
Weight: 23.5 oz
Sites: Fixed front site, rear site is a adjustable square-notched
Frame: J-frame, round or square butt (photo square)
Grip: Checkered walnut, also many rubber grips available
Finish: Blue or nickeled (photo nickeled)
Features: Single action or double action firing options with external hammer

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